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Geaux Ride Glow In The Dark Wellness Boutique was born out of a personal journey to find balance and prioritize mental health. Charles Daniel, a Baton Rouge native and Corporate Data Analyst, found himself weighed down by the pressures of his corporate job. Seeking an outlet for his mental well-being, he turned to bicycling in New Orleans, not knowing that it would ignite a passion and a new way of connecting with others.

What started as a small group of friends riding through the vibrant streets of New Orleans quickly grew into a cycling phenomenon. The joy of experiencing the city from two wheels sparked a biking culture that brought together social groups and custom bicycle clubs. Inspired by this newfound community, Daniel saw an opportunity to share the benefits of cycling and outdoor recreation with his hometown.

Returning to Baton Rouge, Daniel recognized the need for an outlet that would unite families and friends in the digital age. With the savings from his final corporate contract, he purchased 10 bikes and a trailer, and Geaux Ride was born.

Since 2016, Geaux Ride has been a blessing to the Baton Rouge community, providing mental health relief, physical exercise, and unforgettable experiences. Now, we are excited to expand our services and offer glow in the dark bicycle tours to the surrounding communities. Whether you're a local church, school, sorority, fraternity, or organization looking for a unique and socially distanced event, we are here to make it an evening to remember.

Join us on this journey of wellness and adventure as we illuminate the night and create lasting memories together.

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