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Our Story

​Baton Rouge native Charles Daniel found himself amidst the pressures of corporate America looking for a new way to balance his mental health. As a Corporate Data Analyst in Greater New Orleans for the past 10 years, Daniel found himself carrying the weight of his position. Daniel would go into large corporations and replace people with the newest and latest data practices. Daniel began bicycling in New Orleans as a means of mental health outlet, exercise and a new way for a small group of friends to socialize after work. This weekly outing rapidly grew from the original group of nine to hundreds of participants. The excitement of seeing New Orleans from two wheels sparked a new biking culture that spawned other social groups, custom bicycle clubs and eventually a business of offering guided tours as a service.On a visit home, biking through beautiful downtown Baton Rouge, Daniel realized his home community needed an outlet as well. One that would bring families and friends together outside of this digital age. Saving the last checks from his final corporate contract,

10 bikes and a trailer were purchased.


Geaux Ride was born!

Geaux Ride has been blessed since 2016 to share mental health relief,

physical exercise and the best time to be had in Baton Rouge! Geaux Ride is now expanding their borders once again to allow the surrounding community to experience the unforgettable glow in the dark service we provide!  We are now booking glow in the dark bicycle tours for local churches, schools, sororities, fraternities, and organizations looking to provide their members with a socially distanced, one of kind night to remember!


Let’s Work Together

521 3rd Street, Suite A

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Tel: 225.522.BIKE or 225.522.2453

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